Thief2X Downloads

T2X version 1.1

File Name File Size Description MD5 Checksum
t2x_v11_full.exe 673mb Full release version of T2X v1.1 f3f7e8e55626a61e9fbdc0bba0eddaa4
t2x_v11_patch.exe 38mb Update T2X v1.0 to v1.1 b8b2271225061e7aaaf3848c063b3cda

T2X "Making of"

File Name File Size Description MD5 Checksum 632mb Video commentary for all 13 missions (320x240 versions) 2dbca37fc27fbfd4cfe15696d3cb5097 139mb Includes unstripped mission files, audio notes, documentation, soundtrack, briefing art, and more. 33c38652ae9417d79da249b90a2e1f59


File Name File Size Description MD5 Checksum 85mb Mission 1 video commentary 3d6fdd974a59b863aec08dc7ef60a697 112mb Mission 2 video commentary e95acc4f99ce135b93c25d2ebdf64c48 158mb Mission 3 video commentary 12c9c4cbfcf51334249ef3512eeb1912 112mb Mission 4 video commentary 16700787c816d8e4fb8b25f163058a54 80mb Mission 5 video commentary e7a2b52f46ab598d9a1aae8752a75694 157mb Mission 6 video commentary fcdf4cc634f489a7335ddcd25ed1d787 170mb Mission 7 video commentary 3ca28eed95310f36a3fb2854718dc9b9 144mb Mission 8 video commentary bfe48096d94bc09bf5f2e5a8ea30c182 76mb Mission 9 video commentary 049fa459d7f75de2d8a3f8e326a5a6f3 176mb Mission 10 video commentary a82a812d097ffd379fcad0147cd250da 229mb Mission 11 video commentary 67bb3392bc603a7304caa31c02244571 122mb Mission 12 video commentary 90a216419caff9f9cb3f915b82f44aa0 78mb Mission 13 video commentary b4d7d14cf569e4d424e995332ef4c36f


File Name File Size Description MD5 Checksum 51mb Sound track (Note: The sound track is included in the "" archive). 285d8c2898b3f54cada7648b9100dea4 75kb Cutscene & Briefings Transcripts n/a 2.9mb High-res DVD cover n/a

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